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School crossing safety

Council's team of school crossing supervisers attend a number of school crossings througout the Shire. For more information on times ans locations read our school crossings timetable.

Children's Crossings - Rule 171

It is important that everyone obeys the Road Rules Victoria (incorporated by reference into law by the Road Safety Regulations 1999)

Measurement of distance - children's crossing with red flags and red and white posts.

A driver must not stop on a children's crossing, or on the road within 20 metres before the crossing and 10 metres after the crossing unless the driver stops at a place on a length of road, or in an area, to which a parking control sign applies and the driver is permitted to stop at that place.

Stopping your vehicle too close to a children's crossing may mean that a child entering the crossing can't see or be seen by an approaching car. When a children's crossing is in operation (i.e. when the flags are displayed) you must stop.

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