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Maldon Streetscape Rejuvenation Project

View of road and shops in historic Maldon

This project will enable Maldon to realise its vision to be a vibrant and attractive centre which maintains and enhances its unique character and heritage values, serves the needs of local residents, attracts tourists and other visitors, and promotes the growth and viability of retail traders and other businesses.

Project overview

The Maldon Streetscape Rejuvenation Project has been underway for several years and encompasses the planning and delivery of three main areas:

• Undergrounding power project - Placing power underground in the Maldon central business district.

• Streetscape improvement project - Improving Maldon town centre through upgrading elements such as footpaths, bins, trees, street furniture, lighting and crossovers (the bridge-like structures that allow pedestrians to cross the stone channels), whilst protecting and maintaining the essential qualities and heritage values of the area.

• Shopfront restoration project - Restoring shopfronts to preserve the heritage values for now and into the future.

In 2017 Council formed a Steering Committee to ensure community representation was included in the planning works for these projects.

The Maldon Streetscape Steering Committee comprises representatives from local traders, residents, heritage and community groups, Maldon Community Bank, State Government and Council.

Council is managing this community-led project. There are many steps along the way but work is ramping up to deliver these projects following the Victorian Government’s commitment of $4.5 million towards these works. This is a significant investment to preserve and enhance the heritage features of historic Maldon.

The proposed timeline for undergrounding power and the Maldon Streetscape Project.

Undergrounding power project

Powercor is in the process of finalising their design for placing powerlines underground.

Once we know more about the timelines and impacts Council will directly inform building owners businesses operators and impacted residents. We aim to minimise the cost to the community.

The current timeline is for Powercor to commence works later this year, with completion by April 2021. Council has asked Powercor to plan the works on Main Street to avoid the busy Christmas trading period.

In July 2020 Council sent an email to all business operators and building owners on our mailing list to provide an update on this project. If you did not receive this email please get in touch to ensure your contact details are on our mailing list. Phone or email Amanda Every, Business Support Officer, on 5471 1714.

Streetscape improvement project

In July 2020 Council sought community feedback on the draft concept designs for the streetscape improvement project.

We received a broad range of feedback from more than 60 people about lighting, pedestrian crossings, street furniture, trees and vegetation and tree and kerb outstands.

Read more about the project on our Maldon Streetscape Project webpage, including feedback on the detailed designs relating to street trees, kerb outstands, street furniture, crossovers and more.

Working groups

To address community feedback Council and the Steering Committee are in the process of creating a number of small working groups to help address community ideas, provide local knowledge and come up with solutions in partnership with heritage experts. The groups will present ideas and solutions back to the Steering Committee for consideration. The intent is to work through the matters raised to ensure the detailed design is appropriate, informed and directed.

Each working group will include both a Steering Committee and Council staff member, along with a small number of local residents with a particular interest and expertise in each area.

To keep the working groups productive, members need to have relevant local knowledge, experience and/or qualifications.

The Steering Committee has developed a shortlist of people who may be interested in joining the working groups, with individuals to be contacted in August 2020. If you believe you have something to offer, have the time available, and would like to join one of the working groups please contact us or one of the Steering Committee members (see list below).

The working groups will remain flexible and tailored towards the issues required to be addressed such as pedestrian safety and connectivity, street furniture and development of the Old Bank Corner.

The initial working group priorities are as follows:

Trees working group –
to work through tree protection, replacement and species along with parking and outstands.

Heritage working group – to work through a heritage study and impact assessment process initially. This will then inform other working groups which may be required.

Undergrounding power and lighting working group – to work through heritage matters associated with undergrounding power, as well as street light options to fit the heritage feel of the town.

Building owner and business operator working group – to work through matters related to the undergrounding of power initially, and then other streetscape design features, which may impact properties.

Read more about this project.

Shopfront restoration project

Work is still progressing behind the scenes to develop a suitable program to support and encourage shopfront restoration in the Maldon town centre. It will be important that business operators and building owners have a say in how this project is planned and implemented.

Email us to be added to our business operators and building owners mailing list.

Steering Committee members

Community representatives
Karly Smith - Maldon and District Community Bank
Christine Fitzgerald - Maldon Community Planning Group
Jan Warracke - Project's Heritage Sub-committee
Amy Atkinson - Maldon Neighbourhood House
Marjorie Smidt - Maldon Inc. and Maldon Focus
Janet Purcell - Maldon Community Planning Group
Graeme Ford - Business and property owner
Kate Gamble - Maldon Inc.
Anne Hayes - Maldon Focus
Graham Bradshaw – Community member

Council representatives
Cr Stephen Gardner, Councillor for Tarrengower Ward
Darren Fuzzard, Chief Executive Officer
David Leathem, Manager Economy and Culture

State Government representatives
David Tripp, Regional Development Victoria

Project Sponsor - Manager Economy and Culture – David Leathem.

Project Manager - Executive Manager Infrastructure – Tanya Goddard.

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