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Muckleford - Castlemaine Road - stage one

Section of Muckleford-Castlemaine Road

Muckleford-Castlemaine Road is a collector road that connects the rural properties of Muckleford North and Walmer to Castlemaine. As well as being a key link to rural communities within the area, it is also a highly utilised cycling route for recreational cyclists.

Design considerations

The road is currently a single lane sealed roadway and has unsealed shoulders.

Vehicles are required to move off the sealed roadway onto the gravel shoulders when approached by an on-coming vehicle. For this reason and given the condition of the existing road, Council have undertaken a detailed design of the upgrade works required to improve the safety of the road for all users and improve the quality of the road for years to come.

Key areas of note

This project is the first stage of works proposed for Muckleford-Castlemaine Road.

It consists of a 1.7km section of road from Ashbys track North West towards Maldon, as detailed on the location of works map here. The works will include repairing the existing sealed road, upgrading the unsealed shoulder to sealed, improvements to roadside drainage as well as signage and line marking.

Some roadside vegetation will need to be removed to ensure roadside hazards are minimised and the road width can be achieved. This will result in a sealed road carriageway width of 6.2m with 3.1m wide lanes in both directions, plus a 1.0m sealed shoulder and a 0.5m unsealed shoulder in both directions (totalling 8.2m width of sealed pavement).

Should you wish to see the construction plans for this project please make contact with Council to arrange a time to meet with the Project Manager.

Where are we now

The project is currently out for tender with prospective contractors preparing submissions for evaluation by Council officers.

The project is subject to budget approval in August 2020.

The planned works are also subject to the findings of an Environmental Assessment to determine the potential loss of roadside vegetation as well as any vegetation offset requirements which may be applicable.

Intended construction timeline

Should approval for the budget, roadside vegetation and prospective contractor be obtained, Council expect works to commence late this year and be constructed through the summer months.

Project manager

Jeremy Priest - Project Engineer - info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au

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