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Campbells Creek - Fryers Road bridges


This project involves the replacement of two bridges which are located just north and south of Hawkins Road opposite the Recreation Reserve on Campbells Creek - Fryers Road. Both are in poor condition and are load limited.

Campbells Creek - Fryers Road is a Link Road and traffic count data shows that there are in excess of 800 vehicles per day using the bridges. The current load limit is not appropriate for a Link road. The existing detour for heavy vehicles is through a residential area via Eleanor Drive, which is part unsealed and Blanket Gully Road.

In 2017 the bridges were inspected and found to be in poor condition, both were recommended for replacement in the short term and have now been prioritised for construction this financial year.

The new bridges will comply with today’s standards for road and bridge construction which will allow the current load limits to be removed. It is anticipated that the life of the bridges will then be 80 to 100 years.

There is no intent to change the current speed limits of 50 kph along Campbells Creek Fryers Road following completion of this project.

Design considerations

The design of the bridges, which has only just commenced, will include:

• Large culverts which will allow for a slightly greater flow of water (than is currently available) and thereby help reduce the risk of flooding.
• Rock beaching to reduce the likelihood of erosion.
• Adequately provide for increased use caused by any future residential developments planned in the area.
• Options for provision of pedestrian pathways across both bridges to remove pinch points and the need for pedestrians to traverse the lanes of traffic, and to enable connectivity to future planned pathways along Campbells Creek Fryers Road. Please note that Council is currently advocating for funding for a pathway from Campbells Creek to the Recreational Reserve as a priority identified in the current Walking and Cycling Strategy. The pathway section from the recreational reserve to the bridges (and beyond) are yet to be designed.

The design will be subject to North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) approval.

Consideration is being given to how to maintain two existing trees that are immediately adjacent to the bridges. An arborists report will also determine if the trees (particularly the gum tree) can remain in place.

The sandstone blocks will be removed as part of the project and stored so that they can be reused on future projects in Campbells Creek on future projects. The sandstone blocks cannot be economically reused in this location.

As part of the project we will also be investigating upstream restrictions and constraints.

Where are we now

The project is a design and construct project and has been awarded to ACE Infrastructure Pty Ltd (Ace). Ace now commenced preliminary design of the bridges.

Intended construction timeline

Construction is planned to commence early in 2021.

The structures need to be completed one after the other as access from Hawkins Road is required to be maintained at all times.
Construction must also avoid the wet season in order to minimise the impact of water flow. We will also be looking as to how to minimise the impact of traffic diversion during the fire season period.

It is anticipated that the project will be completed by the end of April 2021.

Project manager

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