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Chewton footpath upgrade


As part of Council’s commitment to maintaining and upgrading our footpath network to ensure accessibility throughout the shire, a section of footpath in Chewton has been identified for replacement as well as construction of new path sections.

The proposed path alignment is indicated in the map below in red. Please note the extent of construction will be dependent on tender submissions.

The project

Map of proposed footpath location.

Located along Main Street Chewton (Pyrenees Highway), the design allows for construction of 880metres of footpath between Adelaide Street and Railway Street on the southern side of the road and approximately 240 metres on the northern side running east from North Street. The extent of construction will be dependent on tender submissions.

An unmonitored (i.e. without traffic signal and zebra crossing) pedestrian crossing point will also be constructed near the Chewton General Store at the intersection of Pyrenees Highway and North Street / Fryers Road. The area contains a mixture of commercial and residential properties, and care will be taken during the construction period to minimise the impact to local businesses and residents.

The scope of the work includes:

- Earthworks (cut and fill) as required for the preparation of the formation for the footpath construction
- Construction of footpath
- Construction of exposed aggregate concrete kerb including ramps and laybacks
- Construction of drainage using precast or cast in situ components
- Relocation of services to allow for the footpath construction if required
- Modification of existing service pits to match the new footpath construction where required
- Tie in footpath reconstruction with all pre-existing footpaths and crossings
- Reinstatement of disturbed areas including the road pavement, verge, table drains and nature strip areas.

Where are we now?

Tender drawings and specifications are being finalised with the aim to release the tender in October.

If you wish to see the construction plans for this project please make contact with Council to arrange a time to meet with the Project Manager.

Project manager:

Jalpan Desai – Project Engineer – info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au

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