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Castlemaine Heritage Study

Town Hall and Civic Centre


We are preparing an updated Heritage Study for Castlemaine. The project is broken down into three stages, and we are currently in stage 1.
• Stage 1 Gap Analysis: This stage will involve identifying places of potential heritage significance through reviewing previous studies, consultation with the community and key stakeholders, and fieldwork.
• Stage 2 Preliminary investigation + review of existing Heritage Overlays: this involves undertaking a review of the existing heritage overlays (both fieldwork and desktop research), and providing recommendations for future heritage controls.
• Stage 3 Future Directions report: this will involve documenting the methodology and information to support a future planning scheme amendment.

Why are we undertaking a heritage study for Castlemaine?

The current heritage study for Castlemaine (the Castlemaine Architectural and Historical Study) was published in 1981 as a prelude to preparation of the Planning Scheme for the (former) City of Castlemaine, and was used to identify places to be included in the Heritage Overlay. However, this study does not provide sufficient information regarding the significance of the place, and therefore leaves places vulnerable when developed as it does not allow planning and heritage officers to make an informed decision when assessing planning applications.

The Mount Alexander Thematic Environmental History (2016) recommends a review of the places included in the early Castlemaine study and preparation of citations, as well as inclusion of 20th century places which were not considered in the early studies, and are therefore not protected for their potential heritage values.

Our current Council Plan includes the following strategy: ‘protect and celebrate our Indigenous and European heritage’, which notes that this includes: ‘preparing heritage studies to ensure heritage protection into the future’.

We will be undertaking community engagement at various stages of the project – to learn more about this, head over to the project’s Shape Page.

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