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Consultation - Have Your Say

Council values your comments towards our plans and projects for the future.

Survey on local indoor sports stadiums

Council is inviting community members to complete an online survey to provide feedback on the use of local indoor sports stadiums.

Survey results will be used to inform a feasibility study into the use, demand and need for indoor sports stadiums in the shire.

The only Council-owned indoor stadium is the Castlemaine War Memorial Stadium at Wesley Hill built in the 1970s. There are two other stadiums in the shire – the newer single court stadiums at Castlemaine Secondary College and Harcourt Valley Primary School.

Online survey
Complete the online survey.

The survey will close at 5.00pm on Sunday 23 August.

The feasibility study will help Council to understand the role of indoor stadium play for sport, active recreation, exhibitions and events.

Council has met with current and potential indoor sports stadium users, schools, peak sporting bodies, neighbouring municipalities and funding bodies as part of the development of the feasibility study. It is being conducted by specialist sport and leisure planning consultant Otium Planning Group.

Read a media release on the indoor stadium survey from Tuesday 11 August 2020.

Governance Rules and Public Transparency Policy

Council is seeking community feedback on the development of the Governance Rules (incorporating the Election Period Policy) and a Public Transparency Policy. These are required for all Victorian councils under the new Local Government Act 2020.

The rules and policy outline the ways in which Council will:
- Conduct its meetings and those of its delegated committees
- Elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor
- Operate during the period prior to an election
- Support local community participation in the system of local government.

Once adopted by Council, the Governance Rules will replace Local Law No. 1 – Meeting Procedures 2018.

The purpose of the Public Transparency Policy is to formulate Council’s commitment to open transparent and accountable administration and decision-making. It is also designed to foster timely access to information and improve community awareness and understanding of what Council information is available and how to access it. This is a newly developed policy that has been incorporated into the Local Government Act 2020.

Written submissions may be sent via email or post to Council and must be received by 9.00am on Friday 14 August 2020.

Submissions should be marked Governance Rules and Transparency Policy and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mount Alexander Shire Council, Castlemaine 3450 VIC or info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au.

A Special Meeting of Council to adopt the draft Governance Rules 2020, revised Election Period Policy and the Public Transparency Policy will be held on 1 September 2020, at a time to be confirmed. Please indicate in your submission whether you would like to speak to Council about your submission.

For more information contact Augustine Sheppard, Principal Governance Officer, on 5471 1700.

Key documents
Draft - Public Transparency Policy (PDF, 0.2MB)
Draft - Governance Rules (PDF, 7MB)
Media release - 28 July 2020

Lease of Council property

65 – 67 Templeton Street, Castlemaine, Pienwa building

Council is considering entering into a new lease with Bendigo Kangan Institute (incorporating Bendigo TAFE) for the premises at 65 – 67 Templeton Street, Castlemaine.

The previous lease between Council and Bendigo TAFE has expired and occupancy is currently on a monthly basis.

If you would like to make a submission on this matter please indicate whether you would like to be heard before Council (at a date to be advised).

Submissions will be accepted until 5.00pm on Wednesday 26 August.

For any questions regarding this matter, please contact Lynne Williamson, Property Portfolio Coordinator on 5471 1700.

Address submissions to the Chief Executive Officer, Mount Alexander Shire Council, PO Box 185, Castlemaine VIC 3450, or email info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au.

Key documents
Public notice with map (pdf, 0.2MB)
Public notice with map (Word, 0.3MB)
Public notice in Midland Express - 28 July 2020

Local laws review - now closed

Council’s Local Laws No. 2-6, and the Local Law Procedures, are due to expire on 24 November 2020. A proposed General Local Law 2020 has been prepared by Council to consolidate our existing Local Laws into one Law, with the exception of the Local Law No. 1, which relates to Council Meeting Procedures and remains unchanged.

The proposed General Local Law 2020 introduces additional clauses to manage new and emerging public safety, amenity, and environmental issues; removes redundant clauses to improve the operation of the Law; and makes other changes to improve how the clauses are read and implemented by Council and the community.

Any person who wishes to make a submission to Council on the updated version may do so in writing by forwarding feedback titled Local Law Review to Jeffry Amy, Coordinator Community Safety and Amenity, Mount Alexander Shire Council, PO Box 185, Castlemaine VIC 3450 or by email to info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au.

You can also provide feedback by completing this short survey.

If you would like more information about the process to review the Local Laws, or any specific change being made please contact Mr Amy on (03) 5471 1764.

In addition to written submissions, there will be an opportunity for submissions to be heard in person at a Council meeting. Any person making a submission is entitled to request in the submission that the person wishes to appear in person or to be represented by a person specified in the submission at a meeting to be heard in support of the submission. Submitters requesting to be heard will be advised of the day, time and place of the relevant Council meeting.

Council will accept written submissions until 5.00pm on Friday 7 August 2020.

Key documents
Fact Sheet - General Local Law (pdf, 0.4MB)
Draft General Local Law (pdf, 2.6MB)
Community Impact Statement (pdf, 1.3MB)
Changes to specific clauses (pdf, 0.1MB)
Public notice – 23 June 2020 (pdf, 0.5MB)
General Local Law - frequently asked questions

See below for the online and printable survey relating to the Local Law changes regarding the control of cats and dogs. The survey closes on Friday 17 July.

Household emissions survey

Retrofitting homes in our shire to improve sustainability is one of the ambitions of a new a project coordinated by Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) and Council. The project aims to co-design a masterplan with the community to reduce the shire’s carbon emissions to zero and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

As a very first step, residents are asked to complete an online survey about how they currently use their homes. This information will inform a baseline assessment of the shire’s carbon and water footprint.

The survey is part of the Z-NET (zero-net emissions) Project, which will be developed throughout 2020 and 2021. It is jointly funded by Council and a Sustainability Victoria grant under the Zero Carbon Community Transition Program. A community steering group is working together to guide the program in this first phase.

Online survey
Complete the household survey
Please note: We ask that you answer the questions in accordance with your typical behaviour, rather than your behaviour during COVID-19 restrictions. Only one respondee per household. The survey is open until December.

Next steps
A collaborative platform will be set up in late June 2020 to gather community climate action ideas and projects. This platform will include the existing ideas from the Climate Change Forum. We also welcome new ideas and participants will have the opportunity to vote on their priorities. Visit this page again for more information.

Proposed Budget 2020/2021 - now closed

Council has released its Proposed Budget for 2020/2021.

The $45.9 million budget outlines the resources necessary to maintain and improve infrastructure, and deliver projects and services which are valued by our community. This year we have incorporated a range of projects to specifically help respond to the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The budget is now open for public submissions.

Printed copies will be available for public inspection during office hours at the Civic Centre in Castlemaine from Monday 29 June or on weekends at the Market Building in Castlemaine. Precautions will be in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Submissions must be in writing and be lodged by 5.00pm on Wednesday 15 July 2020.

Please address submissions titled 2020/2021 Budget to the Chief Executive Officer, Mount Alexander Shire Council, PO Box 185, Castlemaine, VIC 3450 or email to Please forward your submission entitled Proposed Budget submission to the Chief Executive Officer, Mount Alexander Shire Council, PO Box 185, Castlemaine 3450 Victoria or email info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au.

All submissions will be considered in accordance with Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989. They should indicate whether the person, or a person acting on their behalf, wishes to be heard before Council. Submissions will be heard at a Council Meeting at 5.30pm on Tuesday 28 July.

Council will consider the 2020/2021 Budget at an Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday 18 August. The meeting will start at 6.30pm at the Civic Centre in Castlemaine. Both meetings will be broadcast live to the internet via YouTube.

For more information contact Carolyn Ross, Executive Manager Business Performance, on 5471 1700.

Key documents
Mount Alexander Shire Council Proposed Budget 2020/2021 (pdf, 0.6MB)
Media release - Council budget open for submissions - 17 June 2020
Budget summary (pdf, 0.8MB)

Survey on control of dogs and cats - now closed

Council invited community members to complete a survey to provide feedback on the control of cats and dogs in the shire as part of a review of local animal controls. The feedback will be used to develop a new law known as an Order of Council for the sensible control of cats and dogs in the shire.

The proposed Order of Council will provide dog and cat owners with a clear understanding of when and where their pet needs to be placed under effective control. It will also support our broader objective of increasing responsible pet ownership and the proactive control of dogs and cats in public places.

The survey closed on Friday 17 July.

To discuss the proposed order contact Jeffry Amy, Coordinator Community Safety and Amenity, on 5471 1700.

View Maldon streetscape designs - now closed

Council has received a $4.5 million grant from the State Government to rejuvenate Maldon’s heritage streetscape. The funds will be used towards putting powerlines underground, restoring shopfronts and upgrading public spaces such as footpaths, crossovers, bins and seating.

The Maldon Streetscape Steering Committee reviewed concept designs for the project earlier this year. The concept plans are available on Council’s website. If you would like to provide feedback email your suggestions to info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au or send via post to Mount Alexander Shire Council, PO Box 185, Castlemaine 3450 Victoria. Feedback is required by Friday 3 July.

View plans at www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au/MaldonStreetscapeProject.

Community and Steering Committee feedback will be incorporated into the next phase of developing a schematic plan to progress the works.

Read a media release on the announcement from 17 June 2020.

Proposed disposal of Council property - now closed

Fitzgeralds Close Wesley Hill Business Park

Notice is given under Section 189 of the Local Government Act 1989 that Council is considering selling Lot 10 PS629772 in Fitzgeralds Close, Wesley Hill Business Park that is currently owned by Council.

This land was acquired and developed by Council for the purposes of sale for a business park. If sale of the land is approved by Council, the land will be sold by private treaty through Real Estate Agents appointed by Council. An anticipated sale timeframe is not yet known.

If you would like to make a submission please indicate whether you would like to be heard before Council at a Council meeting.

To discuss this matter contact Lynne Williamson, Property Portfolio Coordinator, on 5471 1700.

Written submissions will be accepted until 5.00pm on Wednesday 8 July 2020.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mount Alexander Shire Council, PO Box 185, Castlemaine VIC 3450, or email info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au.

Key documents
Public notice - advertisement in Midland Express on 16 June 2020
Map - Wesley Hill Business Park indicating 10 Fitzgeralds Close.

Draft Middle Years Plan - now closed

We are looking for feedback on our new plan to support the needs of children aged 8 to 12 years and their families.
Developed in partnership with the community, the draft Mount Alexander Middle Years Plan 2020-2023 provides a collective approach to developing and coordinating services, programs and activities for children and families in our shire.

The plan is structured around three priority areas:
• Happy and safe kids
• Active and adventurous kids
• Connected kids and families.

Underneath these three priority areas sits nine objectives, and 44 actions that will be taken to achieve the vision that ‘all children and families in Mount Alexander Shire are happy, safe, active and connected’.

The plan leads on from the Mount Alexander Early Years Plan 2018-2021 and is part of Council’s commitment to facilitate an accessible range of services for all, including children, young people and families.

Feedback closed on 10 June 2020.

Key documents
Draft Middle Years Plan (PDF, 820KB)
Draft Middle Years Plan - (WORD, 80KB)

Complete our COVID-19 impact survey - now closed

Mount Alexander Shire Council is urging local businesses and creatives to complete a survey to help us assess the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the shire to help create a support plan.

The COVID-19 outbreak is having a significant impact on businesses and creatives, with some sectors hit harder than others. We would like to understand the economic impacts of the pandemic on our local community. The information from the survey will allow us to uncover the main challenges and identify priority areas for support to shape our recovery plan for the shire. It will also be used to advocate to government and other agencies for support initiatives.

The survey has now closed.

The information will be collected in confidence and in accordance with our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

Have a say on Norwood Hill Recreation Reserve - now closed

We are calling for community feedback on the revitalisation of Norwood Hill Recreation Reserve in Castlemaine.

The reserve is located on Maclise Street, about 1.5kms from the centre of Castlemaine. It has a well-used playground, as well as a cricket practice net, fenced courts, a barbecue, picnic setting and public toilets.

Norwood Hill Recreation Reserve is looking a bit tired, and although safe, some of the play equipment is at the end of its useful life. Council has allocated funds allocated in this year’s budget to revitalise the reserve and we are seeking community guidance.

Due to the restrictions to minimise the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 we welcome community feedback via an online survey. If you would like to talk through your ideas please contact Kim Whitehouse, Project Officer, on 5471 1700.

Children are encouraged to send through drawings or ideas of their vision for the space. Please email them to info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au with Norwood Hill Recreation Reserve as the email subject.

Community feedback will help us to begin the design process and we will report back to the community in coming months to let them know what we heard.

The survey is now closed.

Key links
Online survey - complete the survey online
Media release - Have your say on Norwood Hill Recreation Reserve - 14 April 2020
Poster - Take a look at ideas for the reserve. (PDF, 1.2MB)

Future of former community centre at Chewton

Community members are invited to make a submission on a proposal to dispose of the former Chewton Community Centre at 205 (formerly 201) Main Road Chewton.

Please note while public submissions close on Thursday 9 April they will reopen later in the year due to the impact of coronavirus COVID-19.

The former Wesleyan Church building is in a poor state of repair with rising damp and termite damage. It has been closed to the public since 2010 due to safety risks. The cost for Council to restore and maintain the building as a public facility would be significant.

On 15 August 2017 Council resolved to sell the former Wesleyan Church at 201 Main Road Chewton and commence the process of sub-dividing the associated land to create separate allotments for the Chewton Community Centre (church) and the former Sunday school building (now the Chewton Senior Citizens Centre) to enable the sale of the church building.

The resolution was passed following public notice of Council’s intent to sell the property in accordance with Sections 189 and 223 of the Local Government Act 1989.

The subdivision process is almost complete and the building will soon be ready for sale. However, due to the passage of time, it is deemed best practice for Council to provide new public notice to notify the community of its intention to sell the building, as resolved at the Ordinary Council Meeting in December 2019. Public notice was provided in the Midland Express on Tuesday 28 January 2020. The closing date for submissions has since been extended.

The community is now invited to make a submission. Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mount Alexander Shire Council, PO Box 185, Castlemaine VIC 3450, or email info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au titled Chewton Community Centre by 5.00pm on Thursday 9 April 2020.

Submitters who wish to speak in support of their submission will be heard at an Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held at a date to be determined.

Open day - cancelled

Council had planned to hold an open day from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 28 March, at the former Chewton Community Centre located at 205 Main Road in Chewton. Council cancelled the opening in response to the directive from the Victorian Premier to not support non-essential public gatherings in the short to mid-term.

For more information contact Lynne Williamson, Property Portfolio Coordinator on 5471 1700.

Key documents
Virtual tour - see photos of the former community centre (PDF, 2.4MB)
Virtual tour - see video footage inside and outside the former community centre
Public notice – published in Midland Express 28 January 2020 (PDF, 0.5MB)
Media release - Submissions open on former community centre - 31 January 2020
Media release - Open day at former community centre in Chewton - 13 March 2020
Media release - Update on former Chewton Community Centre - 1 April 2020
Chewton Community Centre investigation of salt damp in the former Wesleyan Church (June 2010) (PDF, 1.24MB).

General feedback

Council is interested in gaining your feedback to help provide better services to you. Please complete the form below to provide your comments or feedback.

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