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Councillors and wards

Councillors group photo

Mount Alexander Shire Council is made up of seven Councillors, elected by voters who are registered on the electoral role in five wards. The role of Councillors is one of advocacy and leadership rather than management and administration.


Councillors elected at the 22 October 2016 election were sworn in at the Special Meeting of Council held on 8 November 2016. Councillors took the oath of office and made a declaration before the CEO to abide by the Councillors Code of Conduct at the Special Meeting.

Councillor Christine Henderson was elected as Mayor for a one year term at a Special Meeting of Council on 19 November 2019. Councillor Max Lesser was elected Deputy Mayor.

Calder Ward

Councillor Tony Cordy

Mobile: 0466 004 629

Buda Historic Home and Garden
Calder Highway Improvement Committee
La Larr Ba Gauwa Mountain Bike Park
Municipal Association of Victoria
Sutton Grange Hall

Castlemaine Ward

Councillor Bronwen Machin

Mobile: 0407 345 744

Campbells Creek Community Centre
Friends of Lolotoe Friendship Group
Goldfields Regional Library Corporation
La Larr Ba Gauwa Mountain Bike Park - Substitute
Municipal Association of Victoria - Substitute
LGBTIQ Roundtable
Loddon Mallee Regional Waste Management Forum
Mount Alexander Shire Audit & Risk Advisory Committee
Victorian Local Governance Association

Castlemaine Ward

Councillor Max Lesser, Deputy Mayor

0437 089 841

Camp Reserve Special Committee of Council
Campbells Creek Recreation Reserve Special Committee of Council
Mount Alexander Shire Audit & Risk Advisory Committee

Castlemaine Ward

Councillor Dave Petrusma

Mobile: 0408 017 655

Castlemaine War Memorial Stadium
Wattle Flat Reserve
Wesley Hill Facility

Coliban Ward

Councillor Christine Henderson, Mayor

Mobile: 0466 004 628

Barfold Hall
Elphinstone Community Facilities
Health Hub Alliance
Indigenous Roundtable
LGBTIQ Roundtable
Metcalfe Hall
Municipal Association of Victoria - Substitute
Northern Victorian Cluster Municipal Emergency Management Plan Committee
Rural Councils Victoria
Taradale Hall
Taradale Recreation Reserve

Loddon River Ward

Councillor John Nieman

Mobile: 0437 108 458

Guildford Hall
Guildford Recreation Reserve
John Powell Reserve
LGBTIQ Roundtable
Muckleford Community Centre
Newstead Community Centre
Northern Victorian Integrated Municipal Emergency Management Committee
Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee

Tarrengower Ward

Councillor Stephen Gardner

Mobile: 0407 991 403

Baringhup Community Association
Bill Woodfull Recreation Reserve
Goulburn Murray Water - Cairn Curran Land & On Water Management Plan Implementation Group
Maldon Community Centre

Councillor Code of Conduct

The Councillor Code of Conduct provides guidance on Councillor conduct including: principles for good governance, behaviours, Council decision-making, confidential information, access to and use of information, use of Council resources, relationships with staff, gifts, communication, conflict of interests and dispute resolution. It was adopted by Council on 21 February 2017. Read the Councillor Code of Conduct.

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