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Update on proposed supermarket in Forest Street

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Councillors will prepare a position on a planning application for the development of a new supermarket in Castlemaine for the VCAT hearing.

14 February 2022

Councillors will prepare a position on a planning application for the development of a new supermarket in Castlemaine for the VCAT hearing.

Council will prepare the position at the meeting of Council on Tuesday 15 February.

The vote won’t give Council the authority to approve or refuse the current planning application, but will decide its position – either for or against the planning application - at a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) hearing in March.

The final decision on whether to approve or reject the planning permit is the responsibility of VCAT, not Council.

In summary:

  • There is an amended planning application before Council that proposes the development of a supermarket and two shops (including a bottle shop), car parking and associated landscapes and road works.
  • The application outlines plans to develop land near the corner of Duke, Forest and Urquhart streets in Castlemaine.
  • The matter is currently before VCAT and due to be heard at a hearing in March 2022.
  • As per VCAT processes, Council is unable to formally make a decision on the planning permit application, e.g. whether to approve or refuse the planning application.
  • VCAT will determine the next steps for the planning permit application following the hearing in March.


  • April 2018 - Council issues planning permit (072/2013) to Lascorp Development Group for a 1,500m2 supermarket development at the site, which is still current. The land is rezoned and Council issues a planning permit following a formal planning scheme amendment process. This includes a review of the proposal by an independent planning panel, appointed by the Minister for Planning.
  • April 2019 – Council receives a planning permit application (PA054/2019) proposing a larger 3,400m2 supermarket, shops and underground carpark, after the developer acquires neighbouring properties. Council continues to work with the applicant and relevant referral agencies to address issues in the application, and reach an appropriate planning outcome.
  • April 2021 - Applicant lodges a review of the planning permit application with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), citing Council’s ‘failure to determine the application within the prescribed time.’
  • July 2021 – Council holds two applicant objector/supporter meetings on 5 and 6 July 2021, where people present their submissions (both for and against the application) directly to Councillors.
  • 27 July 2021 – Councillors unanimously vote to advise VCAT to issue a Notice of Decision to Refuse the Planning Permit.
  • November 2021 – Council attends a preliminary VCAT hearing regarding the application.
  • December 2021 - Applicant lodges substituted plans with VCAT in response to Council’s concerns to the proposal design.
  • March 2022 – VCAT hearing scheduled to hear from interested parties to planning application.

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