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Storm water and drains

Council is responsible for an extensive network of above and under ground drains throughout the Shire, and these are designed to disperse stormwater run-off and prevent damage to property and endangering vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of their driveway and driveway culvert including the removal of any material blocking the culvert or driveway.

When road flooding occurs as a result of storm activity, heavy rain and/or blocked drains please contact the Shire Office on 5471 1700 to report the problem. After hours emergency crews can be contacted on 0407 342 460.

Stormwater Management

Lake in Valley

Stormwater is the combination of runoff water produced during rainfall and water from domestic and commercial use discharged onto roads and gutters. Stormwater is untreated and discharges directly into waterways. When it rains, any rubbish or pollutants left on our roads, nature strips or in gutters is washed into our stormwater drains. Every year approximately five million pieces of floating litter are washed into our waterways through stormwater drains throughout Australia. Stormwater pollution is a significant contributor to the degradation of local waterways.

Stormwater management plans are important tools for Council to review operations and improve water quality. Mount Alexander Shire Council is developing an Urban Stormwater Management Plan as part of the North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) Urban Stormwater Program. Stormwater management plans rely on cooperation within Council, and between NCCMA, EPA, industry, developers and other members of the urban community.

How you can help to prevent pollution entering our waterways

  • Bin it securely – Make sure litter cannot blow or fall out of bins or recycling containers.
  • Use water wisely - Coliban Water has some watersaving tips.
  • Grass Clippings and Leaves – keep your street gutters clear of leaves and grass clippings. Start a compost heap or use leaves as garden mulch. Rotting organic matter creates excess nutrients.
  • Painting Clean-Up – Never clean brushes or rinse paint containers into a street gutter or drain.
  • Cigarette Butts - place all cigarette butts in the bin.
  • Changing Motor Oil - It takes only one litre of oil to contaminate one million litres of water. If you do change your own, don’t pour the old oil down the street gutter.
  • Fertilisers and Pesticides - avoid applying fertiliser and pesticides in areas where it could be readily washed away into drains, especially when rain is predicted.
  • Landscaping and construction - Make sure soil and sand stockpile sites are not covering street gutters. Protect stockpiles from wind and rain by storing under secured plastic sheeting or tarpaulins.
  • Dog Droppings - Dog droppings are high in bacteria and nutrients and if close to gutters, can wash into our waterways. Clean up after your dog.

Additional information is available from the Environment Protection Authority.

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