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Commonwealth Home Support Services

Older women watering flowers in the garden

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) provides a range of entry-level support services for older people, who may be experiencing difficulties in managing daily tasks, to live independently and safely at home. The program also supports their carers and families.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program is funded by the Australian Government.

Commonwealth Home Support Program

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) aims to keep you living at home and in your community as independently as possible. Our aim is to support you to build independence and remain healthy and active.

Our services are intended to preserve and enhance your well-being, health and independence by providing a quality service that focuses on helping you to stay independent and maintaining your quality of life, whilst living in the comfort and security of your own home. We work with you to help you do as much as you can for yourself to help maintain your independence.

We are one of a number of health and community service providers in your area that work in partnership to meet the needs of local residents.

Services available

  • Home care
  • Home care cooking
  • Home Care Shopping
  • Personal care
  • Access and Support Program
  • In home foot care program
  • Home exercise program
  • Respite care
  • Delivered meals
  • Home safety program
  • Social support

For a description of each service visit our in-home support services page.

For more information read our Commonwealth Home Support Services client information booklet (PDF, 3MB).

Aged Care Quality Standards

Organisations that provide Commonwealth funded aged care services must comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

The standards focus on outcomes for clients, and reflect the level of care the community can expect. The standards are monitored and assessed by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. They define what you can expect in terms of our services and the way we work with you.

If you are interested in better understanding the standards or your rights contact us on 5471 1766 to speak to a member of the Community Wellbeing team.

For more information on the standards visit the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website at www.agedcarequality.gov.au.

Watch this video to find out more what the Aged Care Quality Standards mean for you.

Eligibility - is it for me?

Eligibility for this program is based on your support, needs and age.

You must be aged 65 years or older, or 50 years or older for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A face-to-face assessment will determine eligibility and ensure that the right services are made available to those that need them.

How to access services

To access Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services from Mount Alexander Shire Council, your eligibility must be determined by an Australian Government assessment service.

If you require urgent hygiene or meals support, please contact the Community Wellbeing team on 5471 1766

If you or someone you are concerned about requires extra support to understand or accept services or to contact My Aged Care you can contact the Access and Support Officer on 5471 1735 who will assist as required.

To be referred for an assessment you must first contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit the My Aged Care website.

The My Aged Care contact centre operates

Monday to Friday 8.00am - 8.00pm
Saturday 10.00am - 2.00pm

My Aged Care contact centre staff will discuss your eligibility and requirements and may arrange a home visit with a qualified local assessor to discuss your needs in more detail; including your support needs and goals and how these can be met to maintain your independence and wellbeing.

Carers, family members, advocates or other service providers can also be involved with your consent.

Once the My Aged Care referral has been received by Mount Alexander Shire Council, a staff member will contact you to ask some initial questions in order to arrange a suitable time for an assessment.

Regional Assessment Service (RAS) – Home Support Assessment

The Victorian Regional Assessment Service (RAS) conducts free face-to-face home support assessments of people seeking entry-level support services at home, provided under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).

A Home Support Assessment may be organised if you have support needs that, when addressed, enable you to remain living at home and in the community safely.

For further information please refer to the My Aged Care website.

Access and Support Program

Access and Support services are available to support people who have difficulty finding out about services or applying for the services they need.

The Access and Support program provides short term support for people with diverse needs including frail older people, people with a disability or carers to help them get the services and support they need.

Contact the Access and Support Officer on 5471 1735 to discuss your specific concerns and needs.

Client diversity

We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of the Mount Alexander Shire community and the range of needs and characteristics of that community, including cultural diversity, sexual and gender diversity, age, health, socio-economic circumstances, faith, spirituality and indigenous heritage.

We encourage you to advise us of any cultural or diverse needs you have, so we can tailor your services to respond to your individual circumstances. Any such information will always be treated respectfully and with confidentiality and will be taken into account as far as possible in the planning and provision of services.

Wellness and Enablement

We apply a wellness and enablement approach to our service delivery. Wellness emphasises identifying your needs, aspirations and goals. It acknowledges and builds on your strengths and has a focus on integrating support services as a path to assisting you to obtain greater independence and quality of life.

Enablement emphasises assisting regaining your functional capacity and improving your independence. Enablement is goal-oriented and aims at full recovery where possible – it seeks to enable you to live your life to the fullest.

Client fees

Fees apply to all of our CHSP services. They are subsidised by the Australian Government.

Clients are required to pay a small contribution for the services they receive, if they can afford to. The fees are based on your income and individual circumstances. We provide a schedule of fees and determine your fees at the first visit.

View or download the 2020 - 2021 Client Fee Schedule (PDF, 0.3MB).

We recognise that some people may have difficulties contributing to the cost of their services. In cases of identified financial hardship, your fees may be reduced or waived.

Please contact the office on 5471 1766 if your circumstances change and you wish to discuss your fees.

We review our client contribution fees annually and we advise you in writing of any changes to these. Your accounts is issued every four weeks and your account statement will be sent to you at your nominated postal address. You can pay your account using the options explained on the bottom of your account.

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