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Completed planning studies (including reference documents)

Mount Alexander Urban living strategy map

Read or download planning studies here. This may help prepare your planning application.

In order to plan for future development of the shire, Council undertakes Strategic Planning studies and strategies. These documents may assist with preparation of planning permit applications.

The recommendations and findings from studies and strategies can be introduced into the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme via a planning scheme amendment. The documents are often introduced into the Planning Scheme as either a background document, or an incorporated document

Background documents

A background document (previously referred to as ‘reference document’) provides information that helps to explain why a particular policy or provision has been included in the planning scheme. A background document is not part of the planning scheme and must not be directly relied upon for decision making. If a background document contains content that is necessary for decision making (such as strategies or decision guidelines) then these are extracted and placed in the relevant policy or control within the Planning Scheme.

A list of Mount Alexander’s Background Documents is available here.

Incorporated documents

An incorporated document is a document that needs to be read in conjunction with the planning scheme for the effect of the scheme to be understood. An incorporated document carries the same weight as the other parts of the planning scheme. As part of the planning scheme, the planning authority can only change an incorporated document via a planning scheme amendment.

A list of Mount Alexander’s Incorporated Documents is available here.

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