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Council Meetings


All Council Meetings are open to the public, unless they are dealing with matters that are deemed confidential under the Local Government Act 2020.

Minutes are available for the years below. Please contact us for Minutes of Meetings from previous years.

Meeting of Council 20 June 2023

The Meeting of Council 20 June 2023 will be both open to the public and live streamed. There will be limited capacity in the Council Chamber due to COVIDSafe requirements.

Due to COVID-19 social distancing rules, the ability of attendance and livestreaming, the accommodations of the Council Chamber have been altered. As such, if you intend to be a member of the public gallery or participate during Public Question Time in person, your image may be included in the livestream. You will be asked to sign a Photo Image and Media Consent and Release Form prior to the Meeting of Council and entering the Council Chamber at meeting start, scheduled at 6.30 pm.

Public question time questions/statements are still able to be submitted up until 12.00pm on the day of the meeting to All questions/statements will be read and addressed on the night.

Scheduled Meetings of Council

Meetings of Council are held at 6.30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise adopted). All meetings are COVID Safe, they are currently held in the Council Chambers in the Civic Centre in Lyttleton Street (entry via Lloyd Street).

The dates of Meetings of Council are advertised in Council's weekly column in the Midland Express each Tuesday.

Public Time

Public Time is held at each Meeting of Council. It runs for 30 minutes, but can be extended by a resolution of Council.

Questions and Statements

Each person is limited to one (1) question or statement with a duration of three (3) minutes.

Questions / statements need to be submitted in writing by twelve noon on the day of the Council Meeting via email to

Provided that public questions and statements comply with the Governance Rules, they will be read out at the Meeting.

A Council officer will provide a response at the Meeting where possible. Some questions may need to be taken on notice (for example if further specific information is required to address the question).

Please note the below detail from Section 12.1.6 of the Governance Rules (2023)

12.1.6 Questions and statements to Council may be on any matter except if it:

(a) relates to a matter outside the duties, functions and powers of the Council;

(b) is defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, irrelevant, trivial or objectionable in language
or substance;

(c) is aimed at embarrassing a Councillor or a member of Council staff;

(d) relates to personnel matters;

(e) relates to the personal hardship of any resident or ratepayer;

(f) relates to industrial matters;

(g) relates to contractual matters;

(h) relates to legal advice;

(i) relates to a planning matter already listed on the Council Meeting Agenda;

(j) relates to matters affecting the security of Council property; or

(k) relates to any other matter which the Council considers would prejudice the Council or any
person; or

(l) Is a matter that the Chairperson considers has been previously responded to or is repetitive of
other questions asked or statements made.

Petitions and Joint Letters

If you wish to bring a petition or joint letter to Council it may be presented during Public Time.

Please note the below detail relating to petitions and joint letters from Section 12.2.5 of the Governance Rules (2023)

12.2.5 To be accepted, any petition, including those created and/or received electronically, must:

(a) be in legible and permanent writing;

(b) be clear, and state the matter and action sought from Council on each page;

(c) not be derogatory, defamatory or objectionable in language or nature;

(d) not relate to matters outside the powers of Council; and

(e) must include the full name, residential postcode and written or electronic signature of each petitioner and, as a minimum, must
also contain the full property address of at least 10 petitioners who own property or reside in Mount Alexander Shire.

Unscheduled Meetings of Council

Council may also call unscheduled meetings to address specific matters. Council will give public notice of the meeting in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020.

Watch the 16 May 2023 Council Meeting

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are made available to the public by the close of business on the Thursday preceding the Meeting, both online as separate PDF documents for download and as hard copies from the Civic Centre.

Minutes are available by close of business on the Friday following the Meeting.

Once Minutes are confirmed the Agendas are removed from Council's website, as the full Agenda is available in the Minutes.

Council Meeting Schedule 2023
21 February 2023
21 March 2023
18 April 2023
16 May 2023
20 June 2023
18 July 2023
15 August 2023
19 September 2023
17 October 2023
21 November 2023
19 December 2023


Deputations are made by community groups to bring to the attention of Councillors strategic matters or issues which align with Council's strategies defined in the Council Plan.

If you would like to make a Deputation to Councillors, please submit your request to Council. Councillors will consider your request for a deputation and you will be advised of the outcome.

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