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Doing business in Mount Alexander Shire

View of road and shops in historic Maldon

Council's economic development function has a strong focus on the growing service industries such as health, culture and recreation, accommodation and food services, while making the most of its location, resource and investment advantages in traditional product oriented industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and mining.

Mount Alexander Shire is one of regional Victoria’s most attractive places to live, work and visit, with sustainable growth and investment in our local economy being increasingly structured around innovative, highly skilled, and service-oriented businesses.

Mount Alexander Shire enjoys a variety of employment options and economic opportunities. Council values the business community’s contribution to our shire so whether you are an established business bringing about some changes, or if you are brand new, our services are here to assist you to be successful in your endeavours.

We are proud of the diversity of our business community. In a climate of innovation and creativity, our economy is growing with clever, highly skilled and service orientated businesses alongside strong manufacturing, artisanal agriculture and micro businesses.

Located 120kms north west of Melbourne, within commuting distance of Melbourne, Bendigo and Ballarat, our shire boasts urban and rural communities, some having national historic and environmental significance. Most of the almost 20,000 strong community lives in Castlemaine, Harcourt, Maldon, Newstead and Taradale.

The region has become a much loved escape for foodies, nature lovers, shoppers, history buffs, art aficionados and home creators & makers and their growing contribution to the economy is significant.

The shire supports more than 7000 jobs and has a $2.196b annual economic output. Further information on the economy, jobs and business insights can be found on Remplan (see below).

The major retail and commercial centre in Castlemaine offers an excellent range of retail, service, cultural and social facilities to meet all needs and lifestyles.

Industry is diverse and provides employment to a large percentage of residents. The unique rural environment accommodates nearly any lifestyle you could choose. See more about our shire and Making the Move to Mount Alexander.

Economic profile (Remplan)

The Mount Alexander Shire economic profile provides a guide to the factors driving our local economy to help inform business decision making and development. The interactive website draws on a variety of economic data sources to profile the characteristics of the local economy, how it compares to other areas and how it is changing.

Combined with the community profile it provides the most up to date snapshot of the region including our people, our workers and key industries.

Our industries

Industry in the shire is healthy and diverse. Key industries include manufacturing, building and construction, automotive, arts, agriculture and health services.

Larger firms undertake food processing (KR Castlemaine); design engineering and steel fabrication (Flowserve, Vossloh Cogifer and a range of other companies) and vehicle modification (Castlemaine Rod Shop, Waddingtons, Billman’s Foundry and other businesses).

Read more about our key industries in our economic development strategy or download the snapshot and our prospectus for investors.

Council’s Economy & Culture department is responsible for undertaking many of the actions and facilitating progress through coordination with other Council units, external stakeholders and the community. For more information contact us by email.

INVEST Loddon Mallee

If you are thinking of starting a business in the Mount Alexander Shire, then we are here to help.
A great place to start is INVEST Loddon Mallee.

INVEST Loddon Mallee is a website initiative created by the 10 Local Government Areas that makeup Victoria’s Loddon Mallee region. The website demonstrates the economic strengths and opportunities for this innovative region.

The site welcomes innovation and offers local support to new businesses looking to locate in our region INVEST Loddon Mallee provides access to relevant strategic reports and regional prospectus documents highlighting strategic investments.

You can also get in touch with our Economic Development Coordinator on 5471 1700 or email us at

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