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Vision, principles and objectives

Newstead farm

The Council Plan 2017-2017 guides our work and priorities, under three core areas - Our people, our place and our economy.

Our vision, guiding principles and objectives drive everything we do.

Read the Council Plan 2017 - 2021.

Our vision

Mount Alexander: innovative, creative, connected.

Our guiding principles

  • Listen to our communities, respect their view and respond openly and responsively
  • Insist on integrity, equity and fairness in delivering services and facilities
  • Be progressive and innovative
  • Advocate for our shire and collaborate with others for the benefit of the region


  • Our people
  • Our place
  • Our economy

Strategic objectives - Our people

  • Socially connected, safe and inclusive communities
  • Local services that support the needs of our community
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • A welcoming place for all

Strategic objectives - Our place

  • Well managed assets for now and into the future
  • A clean and green community
  • Well planned for growth

Strategic objectives - Our economy

  • A creative and innovative economy
  • Great opportunities for education and technology
  • An innovative and sustainable organisation

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