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Car drives over the new bridge along Old Drummond Road at Taradale

Bridge construction and repairs

Council is responsible for 230 bridges and major culverts in a range of styles and size, some of which are heritage listed. Maintenance of heritage listed bridges can be a lengthy process as before we can proceed, all works must be approved by Heritage Victoria and relevant stakeholders.

Sometimes road closures are necessary for bridge reconstruction, repair and maintenance works. We understand that this can be an inconvenience and do our best to contact relevant businesses and residents in advance. Council also publishes planned works and road closures in public notices and media releases.

Report an issue
Report maintenance issues or hazards by lodging an online service request or contact us.

Bridge load limits

Load limits have been applied to some bridges in the shire with the aim to extend their lifespan. If your load exceeds the approved limit you can apply for an exemption if you contact us.

Load limit signs are installed at each of the following bridges:

Locality Location Load limit
Barfold Emberton Station Lane 15 tonnes
Barkers Creek School Road 30 tonnes
Baringhup West Baringhup-Havelock Road 30 tonnes
Campbelltown Deep Creek Road 25 tonnes
Fryerstown Fryers Tunnel Hill Road 10 tonnes
Fryerstown High Street 20 tonnes
Metcalfe East Metcalfe East Langley Road 30 tonnes
Moolort Boundary Road 20 tonnes
Muckleford Rilens Road 25 tonnes
Muckleford Walmer Muckleford Road 25 tonnes
Muckleford South Yapeen Muckleford Road 25 tonnes
Sandon Quayles Lane 20 tonnes
Sutton Grange Bendigo Sutton Grange Road 30 tonnes
Sutton Grange Faraday Sutton Grange Road 30 tonnes
Yapeen Vaughan Springs Road 25 tonnes
Yandoit Hills Yandoit Sandon Road 25 tonnes

Height clearances

Most railway bridges are low clearance structures. Please take them into consideration when planning your route. See below for a listing of known height clearances within the shire.

Locality Location Clearance
Harcourt Victoria Road 4.1m
Harcourt Blackjack Road (Midland Highway end) 4.2m - 5.2m
Barkers Creek Specimen Gully Road (Midland Highway end) 3.3m – 3.9m
Castlemaine Midland Highway (near Botanical Gardens) 4.7m
Castlemaine Forest Street (near railway station) 3.6m
Castlemaine Barker Street / Midland Highway (between Saint and Rowe Streets) 4.1m – 4.8m
Castlemaine Langslow Street (off Elizabeth Street) 3.2m
Castlemaine Maldon Road (between Martin Street and Maltby Drive)
Muckleford Prison Farm Road (off Sawmill Road) 3.6m
Chewton Adelaide Street
Chewton Fryers Road (Mains Road end) 3.9m – 4.5m
Taradale Taradale Road (between Spring Creek Road and Charles Street)
Guildford Midland Highway

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